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30th July 2014

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Red Sea cave Ras Mohammed by pettittalison


Red Sea cave Ras Mohammed by pettittalison

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23rd July 2014

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21st July 2014

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Meryl McMasterIn-Between Worlds

In-Between Worlds explores the mixing and transforming of bi-cultural identities - Aboriginal and Euro-Canadian (Scottish and Cree). 

McMaster views her bicultural Aboriginal-European heritage as a synergistic strength rather than a struggle between opposing forces. Through working on this series, McMaster transformed the way she views the past, creating a new narrative that comments on her personal heritage and its relation to a larger, shared cultural history that is inextricable from the land. Colourful self-portraits insert the artist’s body into visual spaces that reflect both the inspiration that she felt during her time alone in nature and the sense of being between two worlds. The images depict McMaster posed with evocative sculptures and sculptural garments, which she constructed to serve as talismans that incorporate her bicultural heritage through collage.

This series addresses the idea of liminality, of being betwixt and between cultural identities and histories. In-Between Worlds is a sequence of moments that appear out of the ordinary and can be interpreted as being in a state of suspended belief. 

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21st July 2014

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manyblinkinglights specifically wanted some chthonic dishware and it has turned out SUPER WEIRD. 

the glaze is a deep, slightly iridescent rusty black that foams up into puffy fungoid patches of white. the outsides of the pieces are prickly, and the insides unevenly slick. i have never before held something so unpleasant to touch, or so gross to contemplate eating off of. 

i’m really happy.

21st July 2014

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Spring at ARC

Baby season is mostly over for raptors in Florida - just a few more Coopers Hawks, and then we’ll be done! It’s been a busy spring. 

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17th July 2014

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33 Cupcake Recipes

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29th June 2014

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And we hold on
For dear life, we hold on
We hold on

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24th June 2014

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some cute GLaDOS quotes because i can think of nothing more important

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16th June 2014

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Infinite Stairs and Dissected Buildings | Marcin Bialas | Socks Studio

Marcin Bialas is a Polish artist who’s specialized in etchings and drawings in black an white. Among his large production, a recurring theme is dissected buildings and surreal constructions, such as infinite staircases and labyrinthine interiors, an atemporal combination of G.B. Piranesi and Brodsky/Utkin prints. The structures seem unfinished, yet already in ruin, able to plunge the viewer into an uncomfortable feeling. Somewhere between nightmares and theatrical settings, Marcin Bialas’ retro drawings explore the dramatic potential of different projections and points of view.

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15th June 2014

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Seoul-based Korean artist JeeYoung Lee transformed her tiny studio measuring 11.8’ x 13.5’ x 7.8’ (3.6m x 4.1m x 2.4m) into multiple surreal dreamlike worlds sans-photoshop. Lee labors for weeks and months to create the aspects of each scene complete with a multitude of handmade props, suspended objects, and unique lighting requirements; creating even the most minute details by hand. see more via opiom gallery

*Ressurection - Nightscape - Treasure Hunt - Birthday - Sweet Appetite - Broken Heart - The Little Match Girl - Maiden Voyage - Black Birds -My Chemical Romance

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